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Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana 3 Album Professional Ratings

When does MIley Cyrus's new album come out?... it is her favourite album yet, and I want to know when it comes... Should I buy my 10 year old sister Miley Cyrus' new album Can't Be Tamed?...old sister loves Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and Miley has a new album out called ""Can't Be... do you think miley cyrus new album songs are good?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUmXjMI8w2k I like most of the songs except robot and scars What Are The Songs That On All Of Hannah Montana And Miley Cyrus Albums? What is on Miley Cyrus' Pants on her breakout album?!?!?It's been bugging me for a while and I havent' been able to figure it out. What's on her... when does miley cyrus' album come out in australia?...Product/347815/BREAKOUT it has her new album but it says it comes out on... Do you think that the (possibly) suggestive lyrics and profanity in Miley Cyrus' album will hurt her?... are signs that Miley Cyrus is heading down the same path... is danger zone a real album of miley cyrus coming in 2012? whats the name of the new miley cyrus song that came out from the new album it says somthing about going greenwhats the name of the new miley cyrus song from her album break out it begins with an... Does anyone know if Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are doing an album together?I heard it in the tabloids and I want to know if it is true.

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Miley Cyrus' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of Hannah Montana 3 Album.

Hannah Montana 3 is Soundtrack album by Hannah Montana

Released 7-Jul-09

Recorded 2008–09

Genre Teen pop, Dance pop, Pop rock

Length 45:11:00

Label Walt Disney

Producer Mitch Allan, Kara DioGuardi, Aris Archontis, Jeannie Lurie, Chen Neeman, Antonina Armato, Tim James, Ali Dee Theodore, Jason Gleed, Alana da Fonseca, Marti Frederiksen, Toby Gad, Arama Brown, Dreamlab, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, Matthew Gerrard, The Collective, Smidi, Justin Gray

Hannah Montana chronology
Hannah Montana: The Movie-2009
Hannah Montana 3-2009
Hannah Montana: The Collection-2009

Professional ratings of Miley Cyrus' Album Hannah Montana 3:

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
About.com 3.5/5 stars
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars
Entertainment Weekly (B)

What are your thoughts on the album cover for the upcoming Miley Cyrus CD?http://neonlimelight.com/2010/05/08/miley-cyrus-dresses-up-in-leather-on-cant-be-tamed-album-cover/mileycantcover/ Why isn't the album The Time of our Lives by Miley Cyrus available on the US iTunes?I typed in The Time of our Lives and these weird songs came up. Any reason... Miley Cyrus new album?Is Miley trying to ""Breakout"" from disney? What do ya'll think... Total album sales Miley Cyrus and Jonas brothers? What is your favorite song on Miley Cyrus's album Meet Miley Cyrus?Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart What do you think of Miley Cyrus and her new album?Or her just in general; Miley Cyrus's Album?... also by Cheyenne Kimball. I'm not a Miley hater, but I don't think she should be ... Miley Cyrus new album????????????????????there is new album coming out next month?they say its called 'voyage... When does Miley Cyrus' album ""Breakout"" come out?When can i buy it on iTunes or anywhere? And what tracks are on the CD? Miley Cyrus new album....?...hurd some of her new songs on her new album and there actualy good. anyone agree with ...

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