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Meet Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana 2 Album Charts

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Miley Cyrus ' released date, recorded, genre, Label, Producer, chronology of Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus Album.

Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus is Soundtrack album / Studio album by Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus

Released 26-Jun-07

Recorded 2006–07

Genre Pop rock, Teen pop, Dance pop

Length 35:05 (Hannah Montana 2)
33:08 (Meet Miley Cyrus)

Label Walt Disney, Hollywood

Producer Antonina Armato, Xandy Barry, Michael Bradford, Dorian Crozier, Toby Gad, Wally Gagel, Andy Dodd, Kara DioGuardi, Matthew Gerrard, Brian Green, Jamie Houston, Tim James, Marco Marinangeli, Jason Morey, Adam Watts, Greg Wells, Matthew Wilder

Hannah Montana chronology
Hannah Montana-2006
Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus-2007
Hannah Montana 2: Non-Stop Dance Party-2008

Miley Cyrus chronology
Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus-2007

Miley Cyrus ' Singles from Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus:

"See You Again" Released: December 19, 2007
"Start All Over" Released: March 14, 2008

Charts of Miley Cyrus ' Album Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus:

Charts (2007) Peak position Certification
U.S. Billboard 200 1 4× Platinum
Canadian Albums Chart 1 Platinum
UK Compilations Chart 1 Platinum
Brazil Albums Chart 1 Platinum
New Zealand Albums Chart 1 Platinum
Swedish Albums Chart 1 Platinum
Australian ARIA Albums Chart 1 Platinum
German Albums Chart 1 Platinum
Austria Albums Top 75 1 Platinum
Swiss Albums Charts 1 Platinum
México Albums Top 100 1 Platinum
Norwegian Albums Chart 1 Platinum
Poland Albums Chart 1 Platinum
Portugal Albums Top 30 1 Platinum
Denmark Albums Top 40 1 Platinum
Spain Albums Top 100 1 2× Platinum

For my next album, should I do another Miley Cyrus album, or a HM album? this is for my fans to answer. Thanks?...whether I wanted to release a personal Miley Cyrus album, or a Hannah Montana album. I really don'... In Polls & Surveys - Asked by ? - 7 answers - 2 years ago When does the new Miley Cyrus album come out?I hear it has 21 songs on it In Country - Asked by Miley Cyrus The Best Singer Ever - 2 answers - 5 months ago What do you think about the new Miley Cyrus album?CR@PPY! In Celebrities - Asked by ★ ☆ Bella :] - 10 answers - 3 years ago What is miley cyrus's new album called?I heard that miley cyrus will be releasing her new album in August 31, 2009. Anyone knows what... In Celebrities - Asked by Debz - 4 answers - 2 years ago How come the lyrics on Miley Cyrus' album Breakout arent the same on the song as they are in the cd case paperthe one that comes in the cd. the words are wrong for Simple Song, did you notice that? In Celebrities - Asked by dance♥the♥sos - 3 answers - 3 years ago what do you think of miley cyrus new album?I love all of the songs except scars and robot and I like how she used fun beats while... In Celebrities - Asked by Mayra - 7 answers - 1 year ago Is Miley Cyrus really putting out a new album in the Summer of 2010?Is Miley Cyrus really working on a new album called ""Robot"" ? I have... In Celebrities - Asked by Michael O'Key - 4 answers - 2 years ago How many songs on Miley Cyrus' album are covers? In Celebrities - Asked by Emo_Crushed - 6 answers - 3 years ago What happened to Miley Cyrus's album Robot?... about her releasing a new album, Robot and all the songs and the cover... In Celebrities - Asked by Kate - 1 answer - 1 year ago what is miley cyrus late's album?what was the last album miley cyrus made in 2010 or 2011 i like her songs but her new ones

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